Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bay of Plenty

Dont ya just love the names?? I am currently in a hostel called "Just the Ducks Nuts" in Tauranga. about 150 km south of Auckland. Its an incredible place but does not get the top billing in any of the guides. I think this is due to the fact that there is a bot of industry there but its incredible landscape. Wonderful islands with white sandy surfiing beaches that you can get loads of space to lie out and still  not clobber the person besides ya if you stretch out. One place I stopped and spent some time in yesterday was a place called Waihi Beach.. Incredible.. Loads out suffing from the youngest to the more doddery than me. To speak of doddery I am definately beginning to check up on myself. On lovely 90 mile beach I left my head torch behind. In Sunseekers I left my shampoo and finally in Marco Polo in Orewa above Auckland I left my complete larder!!! All the food I had bought .. It must have been due to the fact that I had finished the 3 litres of plonk the night before.
I was a  bit reluctant to leave Orewa beacuse of Richard and Marylin as they were incredibly good company but we definately annoyed the rest of the campers as we were guffawing so much. However there was the arrival of about 20 young kiwis who were shouting and roaring in their battered cars and trying to set up tents with not much success. Richard was watching amused and saying to us... " they wont be sleeping in those tonight" and wnet off tittering to himself. Anyhow it sealed things and I decided to take off.
One thing I did not about NZ is that you get burned here in less than 10 mins cause the hole in the ozone layer is just over head.. Now that explains the funny pattern of burning I have got so far!! Yesterday it was the inside of my arm and one of my elbows. Nothing for it but to skidaddle off to " PAck & Save" and buy an industrial sized bottle of Factor 30 sunscreen made on behalf of the NZ Cancer society. I can use this as shampoo if I ever lose my real stuff again. Apparently this facto 30 is the dogs and NOTHING gets through this. Maybe the freckles will fade completely.
IN checkin in to the "Just the ducks nuts" I met with two girls from the UK. Jacqueline and Angela.. Angela from Aberdeen and Jacqueline from Oxfordshire. We got chatting and I asked them did they want to accompany me on a hike up Mount Maunganui at the far end of theTauranga. They were delighted until they sat into the car with me. I dunno about you but I am getting very self conscious re how I drive when I have passengers. However in an automatic its completely different again. Added to that but Melissa started acting up again and started sending me down docklands etc. The girls were nervously whittering away thinking .. "Oh no what have we landed in here" Anyhow as they found out the only one they had to fear was Melissa as she sent us every which way but the Mount. We eventually got to climb it and it had the most amazing views. Now some of the holiday tower blocks were a bit offputting but those aside again huge expanses of deserted beaches and huge waves..  OK time ot check out here..
Listen to those who left comments thanks a mill... I dunno how to reply to the comments but will try and set that up soon. But to Benny, Mary B, Pam, Shane and of course Jemima... thanks a mill. I will be downloading some pics soon and will let ye know the link.. Also to everyone who text and mailed again thanks..Just off the phone from my bro and sis in law in Scotland...Great coversation guys and I now think I have to get out I am laughing so much!!!! I woke the Germans!! Now thats a change!!
Catch ye tomorrow.. lards of love Der x x Happy Sunday one and all!

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