Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The morning of...

Will get this sorry a** out of the scratcher and get the bod in gear. Just discovered my outta office is on wrong so that will have to be changed and then I can switch off. Any advice for all who think of taking this on...get yourself a personal packer (and guide!!). I watched Kevs face with amusement last night as he saw me throw about 20 tops into the bag (second repacking)... why do you need so many? I guarantee I will wear them all. This is from the seasoned traveller who goes off skiing for a week with a back pack..small one and that includes the ski suit!! Anyhow the bag only weighs 15kg..... I am sure I have forgotten something but anyhow as I keep getting reminded you can always buy it there!!! Instead of passport tickets money, I have a mantra of passport tickets money & Factor 50!!. I dont want another trip to an A&E suffering from ahem.. sunstroke.. you think you would only get that once and remember not to do it a second time. Well it must be middle age but I have managed it 3 times in my life and as recently as 18 months ago!! The hospital was lovely tho and I can certainly recommend the health system in Italy. In and out of that hospital rehydrated in 2 hours while I would still be on a trolly here in the CUH!! Ok where is that laptop to change the out of office?! Catch ya from Oceania. Ps Any comments please keep them clean.. you know who I am directing these to .......!!!!!!

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