Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who said flying was easy?

Well it should be when you are not actually flying the ruddy thing. However being a passanger is no bed of roses either!!!Try sitting your very small butt on a flight from Cork to Thiefrow and then dragging that sorry a** across to terminal 3... of course I ran it in case I missed the flight but of course checked in 3 hours in advance!! Soreness continued as I got a hard plastic seat in T 3 but the delight that I had managed to nab an emergency exit seat.. yahoo... lanky legs Mul can stretch out and sleep no prob in pleb class. In addition I decided that a window seat was a must too.... NO IT WAS NOT.. especially as the big jutty thing 9 the opening mechanism to those in the know) was sticking out of the the bloody door and I had less room that I would have if I had been on a bicycle saddle in a cardboard box!! Only an 8.5 hour flight to Bankok and  I decided not to get too friendly or chat to the lovely couple next to me! And they were lovely...They were Anita & Rob from Australia, on their way home after a 5 week jaunt around Europe including 5 days in Ireland in places like Mullinavat!!! Jeez and they thought they saw the real Ireland? I could not help getting acquainted though as I did a Homer Simpson impression and fell asleep mouth open and drooling on Anitas shoulder!!. She HAD to chat to me about 40 mins outside Bankok.. They really were lovley but the complete co-incidence of this is that your man Ray was a dairy scientist and Anita an agriculture teacher. BOTH had heard of Ecolab and Ray is judge in international cheese and dairy fetstivals. He was in great shape. If it was me I would be the size of a house stuffing my gob on a daily basis with the finest dairy prooduce!! Anyhow I digress.. my backside was so bloody sore from sitting that it was numb by the time I had limped off the plane in Bankok. In additon, we had only opened the blinds in the plane 40 mins before landing. That added to the 90 mins we had on the ground in the incredible humidity in Bankok gave me a total of 130 mins of day light on Friday. When we took off again it was dark. It was afterall nearly 6 pm. I am completely uneducated with regard to zones but i think I passed myself out somewhere!!!
Arrived in Sydney at 06.30 on Sat morn after another 10 hour 20 min flight stuck in the same bloody seat. I def think that if I do a  trip in the future like this that I will get those M&S pants with built in butts!!! It may make life a little more tolerable or else i should pack one of those rubber rings thingies for my posterior.
By the way on this stage of the flight I only discovered where the inflight entertainment was stored Boeing 747 and not inthe seat handle as I thought).. and when I got it into position.. it of course broke down for nearly 3 hours.... Needless to mention Anita and I were running out of chitchat at that stage!
Ok I am writing too much! After 3 hours yes SITTING in Sydney..the numbness from my A had spread to the rest of my legs.. I boarded the last leg to Auckland.  Only a snip of a 3 hour connection and guess what?? The entertainement system in my seat was broken.. Did not matter tho as the choice of movie was the one I had eventually watched just arriving in Sydney.
The lovely young asian lady next to me made sure I got my meal as I did a repeat of Anita and drooled on her too. She was horrified and kept pushing me over. She even got my meal, woke me up and ordered the white wine for me!!! She did not fill in my immigation form but did get it on my behalf and had slotted it into the seat for me. She was a star really but then again I think that my forgiveness for ignoring her texting thoughout the flight was thanks enough!!
Got to Auckland Airport and what can I say.... its just a site to behold..but be warned.. the immigration people set out to confuse ya.. This bald extremely pale skinned paddy with the funny walk could not remember what towns I was viting in the South Island and def your man thought I was hiding something between my cheeks as I was walking so funny !!  He should try to remember the name Queenstown if his buns were inverted!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Go Dermot, should have known there would be drama! Glad to hear you've arrived safely and hope you enjoying the first few days :)

  2. I've started from the very beginning Dermot!! so I'm racing to catch up....never thought you'd go so far to get away from James' cooking?!? hee hee...hope you are safe and sound ...I'll be better at keeping up to date from now on!! By the way you can run (with inverted butts cheeks too I bet) but you cannot hide from Census 2011...we will reconcile you CFS FD 128 XXX