Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi all,
Just to let you know after the terrible earthquake in Christchurch today,I received a number of concerned texts calls etc. Thanks for those. Just to let you know I am no where near the quake zone and am hale hearty and putting on loads of blubber. Christchurch is in the eastern side of the south island. I am currently in the very north of the North Island in the Bay of Islands.I am about 1000km away at least from the zone. I was on my way here when I stopped outside Auckland and in the garage I heard a news flash saying there was just an earthquake but they felt that although it was smaller than the Sept 2010 one but not as deep (5km). As you can all see , it has been devastating for the city. My cousins Marys son Andrew is fine too.I spoke with him within an hour of it happening and he is over 300km from the zone.
I will endeavour to keep the humour going with the blogs!
Finally sympaties to the people of NZ on this tragedy and I am sure that based on what I have seen they have the determination and grit to get things as back to normal as quickly and efficiently possible. They are an incredibly friendly and good humoured and resilien folk.


  1. Hi Dermot. I'm delighted that you are safe and well and thanks for posting that. I was onto Kevin checking would you have been around there and he said you weren't, that its at the end of your trip you'll be there. It looks very bad from here-God love them. Have a good day, Benny xx

  2. Hi hon,
    I'm delighted to hear that you are ok, nearly had a kitten when I heard the news this morning - you see we all do love you :-)). Now I can get back to being just jealous - pissin down here and not looking too good for the next week.
    Had Patzi here last week so that was a trauma in itself :-((.
    Look after you and happy hols.
    Pam xxx

  3. Well hello Der-Mot!! THanks for replying to my frantic txt to see were u ok. Delighted to hear ur not in the area involved in the quake but I wouldn't doubt ya for arriving there just on time for the catastrophe!! Glad you have travel insurance tho!!! Please try and keep outta trouble!! Jxx