Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deja vodoo!

I have decided that age does not necessarily bring wisdom.. This is said after a few hours of trivial persuit with two bright sparks of 20 somethings and this ancient old fart of the 45 yo.. almost 46..take note!. Anyhow, maybe it was the combination of the fresh sea air, the wonderful company, the gallon of wine and the poison from the sand flies but it was getting increasingly difficult to answer questions. Me being "the know it all" was outlining the rules of the game to the others without really knowing it myself but all I ever direct anyone to do is RTFM.... read the F'ing manual! It descended into us using both kiddie and adult questions and I am mortified to say that I was struggling on the former. The kiddies in Oceania must be mighty intelligent! Andrew scorched off to a very good start  but was surpassed by Alice from Leeds who eventually took the laurels. Well is was also 00.45 and we do have a long journey ahead. Went to sleep with the Fantail eyes staring down at me and was woken several times during the night by the passing train ( forgot to mention that one) and the road traffic etc. I cannot for the life of me understand why there was so many cars in a place supposedly with only 6000 inhabitants.. maybe for fun they drive up and down outside back packers places all night to keep themselves amused. No though.,... the thing that kept me in this fitful sleep was the bite I got on my second toe.. Can anyone confirm how many layers of skin we should have cause I think I have got through em all. Another note to self... tie your hands together before sleeping or else cut those nails..I think if I will have any colour on my return it will be from well scrubbed/scratched skin.
On a different topic, Andrew has suggested that I should do the skydive in Waneka but it looks like it could be the day after Paddies day!!... Not a good idea me thinks! We will be searching out a good pub to honour our national Saint and celebrate in a way that only we do best.... get langers!!!....I am making a promise to me though not to mix the grain and the grape.
With Hokitika and the avian theme haunting and well behind us, we headed South for Franz Josef and again what a day.. Passed and checked out a phenomonal lake called Lake Ianthe...In the morning sunlight, the day was bright and the lake offered a perfect mirrored reflection..Just incredible. Will try and add one or two of the pics to show its splendor. From there we carried on and stopped for a coffee and huge white chocolate muffin in a typical kiwi village with single storey buildings and farmers dressed in singlets, denims and cowboy hats. We were heading closer to the Southern Alps and had to stop the car on several occasions to take more pics.. Got to Franz Josef as the sky was becoming more overcast but managed to get to walk to Franz Josef and meet half of Birdsong backpackers from last night including Alice the Trivial champ from Leeds and Cathering and "whats his name"from Germany on the track up to the glacier. Now enscounsed in the twin room in the Ivory Towers BP in Foxs Glacier. I was just settling myself in when James ( Kiwi I met in Hopewell) walks in, and I then bumped into Alice (Leeds) in the kitchen. The German couple, Catherine and "whats his name" were no where to be seen but could appear anytime soon!!
Andrew, Alice James and self are are gonna head back the 22km to Franz Josef for a bite together later with Julia... maybe a rehersal for tomorrow night!!! Roll on St Paddies!!
Top o' de mornin to yawl in advance!!!

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