Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Windy Wellington is not so windy but is wet!

After another leisurely breakfast and good laughs with Tony and Nanci I left their home around 11am.. one hour after I should. Set the directions in the mad cow of a sat nav up to get me to the Mercure Hotel on The Terrace in Welli..It is probably one of the ugliest looking hotels I have ever stayed in.. 9 floor that u arrive on the 5th floor and work your way up or down. Wellington is build on lots and I mean LOTS of hills surrounding a beautiful harbour. Its a complete mix of architecture and again not a piece of litter in site. Huge concert of local talent on in the town this evening and loads of youngsters out of their heads on drink but little if no trouble! They are good drunks being also environmentlally friendly separtating out their cans and chip wrappers into the proper receptacles even with a skinful on board.!!
I met up with a pal for coffee in the afternoon.. there are a few contacts in Wellington... While drinking coffee he explained that the city was a state of tension as they had 4 tremors since Tuesday here and everyones a bit paranoid.. It was about two mins later we heard this monotone siren... Everyone was looking around and trying to figure out what was happening...There was a twitchiness and a discomfort that I have not experienced elsewhere before. Just when I thought that this siren was indicating the impending arrival of something sinister and rapidly scanning the vicinity for suitable street furniture to hide under, we noted it a bloody ambulance with its siren stuck on the nee with no naw!!
I headed off on a tour of the city by foot but first getting the cable car up to the botanic gardens and a viewpoint over the city and harbour. Walked for about two hours and definately this place is a pretty but unusual mix of different buildings. Even the Parliament buildings are the old with the new side by side and joined with glass corridors.. unusual mix and takes a while to get used to. There is a good feel to the place and lots of young folk around..
Another quick observation... when did the mullet hairstyle come back.. or is it that the kiwis just found it now? Lots of young and older guys with it.. I feel like a freak with my shaved skull!!
A second observation is that all towns no matter what size seem to empty completely just after the shops close until about 2 hours later...when they start to fill up again. Its a bit freaky walking like billy no mates thru what you know is a well populated metropolis.
Re the windy comment on top.. this place is known as the windy city.. It just retreived that name now as there is a gale a blowin and its lashin!! End of one of those tropical storms no doubt! It better be gone for Monday and the crossing by ferry to the south island. The 12 mins ride from hell the other day could end up being 3 hours long this time! Yikes! Where is the Dramamine?
Sleep warm....

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