Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It pays to plan for everyones sake!

After spending a wonderful hour in the hot tub I followed that by a further hour swinging in the hammock and listening to the fishing boats humming along the sound. Then a meal and a lively chat and the 30 second game again and finishing the wine with James and Eric in celebrating his(Erics) birthday. Is 3 litres in two nights seen as being a bit of a drinking problem? I did share it though and not skull all of it myself. Tried at half past midnight to head off and see the glow worms up the lane and of course passed them merrily on (effects of the cheap wine). However I saw the most incredibly clear sky with the milkyway and all the constellations of the southern hemisphere.
The sun was blazing this morning and I was sorely tempted just to stay in Hopewell but I would put the rest of the hol in a state of flux. James and I both left together and said our goodbyes to the great folk and visitors of the centre. I would recommend the place to anyone. Def worth its 96% rating.. This though would come back to rue me later as you will see. I was completely spoiled! James led me along the dusty tracks for about two hours and we stopped regularly and chatted and then went for a tea in a beautiful Portage before parting ways just on Cullen viewing point outside Havelock. We will meet up again during the week once we have done our respective intermediate tours.
Forgetting that today was Thursday I had to do a rethink re Abel Tasman..It would be thronged on the weekend so I was best to hot foot it straight there and avoid Nelson. The Canadian couple (Joy and Bruce) in Hopewell had  recommended a hostel in the biggest town of Motueka near the Abel Tasmen park but the place was full and I tried the second best.. No prob getting a room. There was of course a reason for this or as I point out below a myriad of them. Let me briefly describe the scenario. I am now staying in an  "exclusive" ensuite double room downstairs in 2 storey portacabin. The walls are so thin that in the Chinese group two rooms below me along the corridor one of the girls sneezed and I thought I had her in the room with me! Added to that, the kitchen is upstairs and you have to pass all the dorms with the toe jam boots outside lined the respective rooms on the corridor.. I was being hit by various intensity of toe jamminess by the time I got to the door of the kitchen....not a good thing to give or maintain an appetite! I had veg for dinner and scarpered out of the badly equipped kitchen as quickly as possible. Anyhow the average age of the crowd shouting and roaring there was about 16 and all talking about how popular they were on facebook! Not one saluted and I did try about 10 times. Anyhow I was better of out of it. Its now 11pm and I have a Chinese guy in the hall having an animated chat with his wifey or someone.. Another guy is playing seasaw with the loose floor board in the dorm overhead, the toilet discharge pipes must be in the divisional wall of my room and on the other side is the staircase made of wrought iron and each heifer running up and down is shaking the house. There are a gaggle of nationalities outside my window all fighting for airspace in shrill voices and finally...( did I say finally already?) add to that combined din, the addition of the  TV that  some dozy eejit has up to full volume.. I dont think I will be getting much sleep.! This was DEFINATELY not worth the 80% rating.. either the voters were all stoned or delusional... or my final conclusion is that the owners were voting for themselves and wrote their own ratings!! Anyhow I will be sticking to outta town places in future with no pedestrian access. Yes you are correct.....I am a grumpy old man!
I was advised to try and use the Kaiteriteri Kayaks company to plan my Abel Tasman experience..I think the poor girl working there is checking hereself into a home for the bewildered this evening after dealing with me. I just did not know how I wanted to plan it but did know that I was NOT spending the night with 9 others in a hut on a bare mattress and paying $40 for the joy of it in the middle of nowhere... Nooooo thanks very much.. I am way beyond that! So I have decided on a long hike tomorrow and then doing a separate kayak trip on Saturday..about €90 for the half day honour of it. I better see some bloody wildlife for that money. I have booked obviously into a different hostel tomorrow night. Then with no overnighter in the park, I dont have to carry half a house with me and all the food I need and also the wet gear for the kayaking and of couse I wont have to endure the Hat Trick Lodge for a further 24 hours..Mul you are getting sense! Weather forecast is brill as my redder right arm will confirm after adding another rosy shade to it out the drivers window today. Next two days will hopefully help me balance it out a bit on the left hand side! I will say good night but I dont think it will be!

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