Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Technology friend or foe?

Good morning all or should I say good evening to the folks back home. Its now Monday 7th and midday and I am waiting on the Monte Stello to carry me Melissa et al across to the South Island. We sail in an hour and the weather is good. I dont fancy upchucking over board for three long hours. I am so organised I even have my bed booked in The Jugglars Rest in Picton for tonight.
What a weekend!!!!!! Melissa continues to annoy me... I am thinking of suing Garmin for post traumatic stress from her. She has sent me careering around highways and dirt tracks and then to the wrong ferry terminal this morning! At least this one which I am correct in .. was not too far away.
I have had a great day so far in that Murphy is not acting up at all.
When I got to this ferry I discovered that not only was my car crossing covered by the hire car company.. also my crossing was as well. Its an unusual system in that you have to pay separately for each passenger as well as the car.. including the driver. My argument would be how does the bloody car get on board??
Anyhow, I am covered so no forking out for further transport today!
Re technology I was really getting stressed as every time I turned on my note book the screen disappeared and there were coloured vertical lines. I could hear it starting but not get on line or into any programs. I went to a service place this moring and they fixed it for about €50 in an hour.. I nearly snogged your man in appreciation as he turned the thing aroung and ready in 90 mins. In that time I went into Johnsville and got my head and goatee shaved and eyebrows trimmed.. yes I am at that age by an barber from Iraq (not Seville)!!! Also got to look around a supermarket and go to John Dicks electrical in case this note book had to be replaced!
So back to yesterday and Wellington.. an appalling night on Sat night with rain and howling winds.. Got up early and went to Floxglove on the Waterfront and met up with Jackie F, Paul and their wonderful family for brunch. Again what can I say about the hospitality re my distant rellies.. superb.. really chatty , fun and all have the gift of the gab.. We are definately related! Poor Paul had to tolerate hearing about our Wexford connections etc and me blabbering on re all the extended families and the similarities in the family backgrounds etc even though we were reared in different continents. ( we are talking names and career choices etc.. freaky stuff!)
It was fantastic to meet them and they were all really lovely and patient! When I went up to try and pay for the brunch Jackie had already got there. Both of us had made an excuse to go to to the loo so the tactics are also similar... even with second.. nay third cousins thrice removed!! 
They were heading off at 1 to get their house in order from the move the day before and I went to Te Papa NZ national museum. Sweet god but you could spend a week here. Its marvelous.
Left there and with an hour before meeting Andy and Sarah from the UK I decided to complete the last of the 5 most important things to do in Wellington and climb Mount Victoria.. This was NOT a good idea with only an hour between meeting them! I sweated and stumbled and slipped up the pathway.. wet after the rain and eventually got to the top. Its well worth the hike as the views were amazing but def never let me fly into Wellington airport.. One narrow runway with limited length between two sea bodies..! The brakes woud wanna work fairly well. Add to that major cross winds and you get the picture. Wellington is known as the windy city.
I only got to the top at the time that I should have been meeting the others but thankfully they had managed not to find the arranged venue and went to look for another. I got down nearly 30 mins late and we met in JJ Murphys in Cuba St and had cider and shepards pie!! What a combo!!
Sarah was starting her job today so she stuck to that is and all I say is wise woman!!
I really admire them both as they are starting the new life here and going for it with gusto and enthusiasm. I sincerely wish them great happiness and the very best with settling in and their lives here.
Got back to the Mecure hotel in double quick time cause the cider was taking effect and I needed a loo fast.. Not a good time for the door swipe to have to be reissued thrice with three trips back to reception.. I think my Irish jig around the place gave your man an idea I had an urgent need so he escorted me back to ensure I got in!!!!
Thare she blows Captain!!
Anchors away!

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