Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Summary..honestly!!!

My overall synopsis of NZ in 6 of the fastest weeks ever!
  • Dodgy hair styles... is the mullet still trendy with old fogies like myself?
  • Great post boxes including, a filing cabinet, a microwave, beer barrels both wooden and stainless steel, air conditioning unit, wood carvings, kennels etc
  • Some phrases like... "sweet like", "hay", "mate" to suit both genders and lots of profanities and the most annoying of all..."AWESOME".. everyone uses that word any gender and age! It drove me simple!
  • Outlandish radio live talk shows...with a good dollop of racism thrown in and loads of profanities.
  • Unpaved roads
  • National pastime is road repair and not rugby!
  • Hitchhiking is still in vogue.
  • The constant inhaling of sulphur in Rotorua cannot be good for the bod!
  • Tattoos... on everyone!!!.Most unusual was covering a ladys chin in Albatross world.. and no it was not a birthmark!
  • Pub closing times and any social outlet open after 22.00!
  • An obsession with health supplements that cure every thing from breathing to heart defects and the one I love.. "Ignite... supports healthy Erections"!!! All on offer as well of two for the price of one and if you are not completely happy we will give you your money back... yeah as if that will happen!! You are either well dead or not rising and wont ask for it back!
  • Sandflies.. the bastards!!
  • INCREDIBLY friendly and proud people. Proud of their country and appreciative of same, Very hospitable  and generous rellies. You are all welcome in my gaff anytime!
  • Incredible body called the DOC (Dept of Conservation) that is in control of national parks and the maintenance of same.. Superb
  • Excellent tourist information even in places of 100 souls!
  • Lack of traffic... and in addition "old" rental cars.. average age 10-14 years.
  • The most incredibly clean landscape and public toilets.
  • Beauty.... abounding around every corner no matter where you turn.
  • Superb weather.. I only got a max of 4 days rain and the perfect climate with max of 25 deg C. 
  • Hatred of Possums! Loads of road kill! Fat hawks though...!!
  • Politicians being indiscreet.... but whats new.. thats global!
  • Value for money...definately not as much greed  as at home!
  • Unbelievable scenery... did I already say that?
  • Amazing wildlife.
  • Clean air
  • Bad hole in Ozone layer just overhead ensuring burning after 10 mins exposure!
  • Fantastic hostel organisation called the BBH which encourages people to chat and get to know each other. Brilliant company, friendliness (apart one nationality I'm sorry to say) and new friends and contacts made.
  • Woofing.... its available everywhere.. work for your accomodation with or without meals! Fantastic idea.
  • Most definately worth a visit or a prolonged return visit!
Overall..... the best holiday I have ever experienced... come out here and experience it for yourself! The Kiwis need our dollars.. they ae only borrowing about a 50th of what we are!!!
Go n'eiri on bothar libh! Slan and beannacht.
April 2011

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  1. one thing to add: they are so far away that modern communication infrastructure hasn't arrived yet. But then, as every single kiwi is a huge source of information and more than happy to share it, maybe they figure they don't need the technology?