Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!

Mul like a pieball pony in Kerry!
Anyone tell him about Grecian 2000?

Monday, March 7, 2011

What is it about me, boat trips and yanks?

I should never even jest slightly about boat trips and the fact that my sea legs are not good. I was a little smug yesterday morning in the ferry port looking out at the mirror of an ocean and the lovely blue skies. After spending about twenty minutes watching Wellington fade in the distance I went to the cafe on board for some lunch. As my smoked chicken salad was being prepared I again indulged in a doorstep slice of a Wellington square with the thickest wodge of caramel and a large mug of coffee. Bliss but I noted the boat begin to rock a bit... My salad was delivered shortly after and I scoffed into it. The boat began to rock further. I heard one of the waitresses exclaim gleefully... “its ruff and its gonna get ruffa”! She was not wrong unfortunately. Things began to fall off tables and the brave ones were making jokes about “oh oh dont wanna be sick now hay”?? ... hilarious I am sure but I decided to abandon the salad and make my way to fresh air and the upper deck.
At this stage I had to thrash myself against the sides to keep my balance and eventually got to a position on the upper deck where I could stand using the rail as a steadier and getting blasted by the howling winds. I was stuck in that position for over an hour with my eyes transfixed on the horizon to ensure that I could at least stop the nausea from getting worse..
So there I am standing on my own in this space just about keeping the wedge of wellington slice in my stomach when I am joined into my own personal space by Chad, Shannen and Cindy... all toothy young Americans who did not have the manners to allow me any bit of my own space. If I had had the strength I would have clattered all three simultaneously with my back pack but they had me surrounded. The twittering started.... at one stage Chad comments on Cindys hair saying.. “ oh look at your style Cindy” Now at this stage Cindy was  damn lucky to have any hair left on her head such was the extent of the hurricane. My ears had turned blue with the cold but I could still manage to hear giggley Shannen say.. “ gawd guys I feel a little sick”.... followed by a rapid greening of her face... Well that was it.. All my resolve to try and move away from them was ebbing slowly because secretly I wanted to see all three barf!  At this stage the three toothy ones were joined by several others with their vom bags and all collapsing on deck. I just had to move... I eventually made my way over to the other side of the deck which was surprisingly empty.. I stayed there but soon discovered why it was so deserted. The ventilation outlet from the deep fat fryers was merrily belching out large plumes of chip fat... Now which would you find less nauseous? Yes you are damn right I stayed with the odour of deep fat fried delights!
The boat eventually steadied out as we arrived in the Queen Charlotte Sound.. wonderful views and with the steady boat now all were on deck to admire the passing beauty. Arrived in Picton and made my way into the Jugglars Rest... a really lovely hostel and met loads of folk and chatted for the night. Could not stomach much food but did manage to skull a full bottle of sauvignon blanc..hehe it was for medicinal purposes to settle the tum.. well that and I am on hols after all...
 Currently sitting in Havelock on the side of a really pretty jetty and harbour surrounded by wonderful mountains while writing this. I am also just discovering the pests known as sandflies. They are our version of midges and the little bastards have just had their full days meal off me... Off to the pharmacy for anti-histamines!! Sleep well and don’t scratch!

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  1. Hey Der, just read all your blogs from the past week, they sound brilliant but I'm feeling a little sorry for poor Melissa! Glad to hear you're having such a good time, you seem to be flying round the country. Safe travelling. Benny :)